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Landing and looting IN FORTNITE
The 5 rules that you should follow from the moment you step-out of that Battle Bus, til the moment you hit the ground.
Remember these 5 rules and stop being among those guys that die at the beginning of the game.
How to play early game / mid game / end game
Off course there are a lot of different strategies you can use, but if you follow these easy guidelines you'll increase the chances to getting the Victory Royale finally. This is based on my experience as a player, like you.
9 most important rules for Fortnite Battle Royale
Yes, each and everyone of us tend to know what's best for us and, when we see bullets heading our way we tend to panic. If you take note of these 9 easy to follow tips, I'm certain you'll survive to face the best players that remain at the end.
" Perhaps the best book I've ever read on Fortnite. I've purchased several others but this one really reached me. It helped me raise my awareness in regards to how to play the game. The rules are quite simple and easy to follow but the effect is awesome! I was usually dying within the first 20-30 players, but, after applying what I've red in this book, now I reach the top 15! Thanks a million! "
-Arthur C, New York


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